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IMPERFECTLY FILLED with 15% less juice but we don't like to waste precious ingredients of the earth. So it's in our outlet to buy at a discount. Our pure Turmeric Juice for super vitality, fresh and cold-pressed from whole Turmeric root, and unfiltered to create a curcumin rich health juice. Each serving contains the juice from 75g of turmeric root!

Warum dieses Produkt?

Fushi Turmeric Juice is made entirely from 100% raw, in-season Turmeric Root sourced from Gujarat, India. 

With over 1.25kg of Turmeric packed into each bottle, each 30ml turmeric shot contains the juice from 75g of turmeric root. Each bottle contains over 16 turmeric shots.

Turmeric is a powerful and antioxidant-rich spice that according to research may help aid inflammatory conditions, ease joint and muscular soreness and may help to support immunity. 

This potent super juice, made with natural preservatives, no added water or flavours, is a powerful supplement to protect and promote everyday vitality.

You can take it as a straight turmeric shot or add it to water, juice or milk. It’s ideal for making Golden (Turmeric) Milk.

Fushi’s superfood juices are biodynamically grown, cold-processed, and 100% raw and pure to retain their optimal nutritional benefits.

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Organic freshly-pressed Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) Rhizome Juice, 0.025% Citric Acid (from natural fruit source).


Dosage: take 2 tablespoons (30mL) per day or as directed by your health care professional. Can be taken straight or added to water, juice, milk, soups. The juice may have a cloudy appearance and sediment may settle at the base of the bottle. Variations in taste and colour could also occur between batches. It will not affect the quality. Do not exceed stated recommended daily dose. Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers should not consume the juice. If taking any medication or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use. Keep out of sight of children. Food Supplements are intended to supplement the diet and should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet or healthy lifestyle. Do not use if the seal is broken.


Shake before use. Once opened keep refrigerated and use within 4 weeks of opening.

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Is Turmeric Juice better then Turmeric capsules?

When it comes to liquid turmeric vs capsules, we believe that liquid turmeric is more bioavailable because the body does not have to break down any solids as it would with capsules. This allows nutrients to be absorbed more rapidly and effectively. Liquid turmeric utilizes the entire plant, making it more effective, quickly absorbs into our bodies and stimulates powerful healing properties.

Does Fushi Turmeric Juice have preservatives?

It has a very small % of natural preservative, citric acid sourced from a natural source, to simply ensure the juice does not oxidise. Once opened, refrigerate, and consume within the recommended time.

Can I drink Turmeric Juice neat?

Yes you can drink Turmeric Juice neat - it has a pleasant enough taste and is very palatable. Alternatively, you can mix it with juice, milk or add to porridge or savoury dishes.

Will Turmeric Juice stain my teeth?

Though turmeric has a bright yellow colour, you would have to consume it very regularly for it to discolour your teeth. Furthermore, brushing your teeth twice a day and cleaning between your teeth daily can help avoid surface stains. If you are very concerned, blend it with other liquids to dilute and drink the juice with a straw.

Why is Turmeric so good for your health?

Turmeric, and particularly its most active ingredient, curcumin, has numerous scientifically proved health advantages, including the ability to boost heart health and protect against diseases. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Research states that it may also aid in the treatment of arthritic symptoms.

How many shots of Turmeric are included in the bottle?

Each 500ml bottle of Fushi Turmeric Juices gives you approximately 16 Turmeric shots.

Is Turmeric Juice good for the skin?

Turmeric includes antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties. These qualities may help to give the skin a glow and lustre. Turmeric may also revitalise your skin by enhancing its natural glow.

Is Turmeric Juice good to drink every day?

Turmeric is fine to incorporate into your diet daily, be sure to not exceed the daily recommended amount.

Which is the best time to drink Turmeric Juice?

Most people find that taking turmeric in the morning to start their day or before bed to battle inflammation from the day's activities works well for them.

Who should not take Turmeric?

Those with gallbladder difficulties, blood disorders, diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), liver disease, hormone-sensitive diseases, and arrhythmia and on blood thinning medication should avoid turmeric. Pregnant women and those undergoing surgery should also avoid using turmeric.

How long does Turmeric Juice last?

Once opened the bottle should be consumed within 3 weeks.

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