in the heart of our journey lies the stories of those who cultivate the ingredients we cherish.

At Fushi, we forge partnerships with growers who share our commitment to sustainability, integrity, and excellence. Each of these suppliers has a tale to tell — of dedication to the land, to their communities, and to the exceptional quality that defines Fushi products.

stories from our growers: argan oil

Our Fair For Life certified Argan Oil is sustainably produced by a collective of 600 women in the Indouzal mountains, nestled within Morocco's Anti-Atlas range.

The argan tree holds deep cultural significance for the native Berber tribe, who have inhabited this region for centuries. Revered as "The Tree Of Life", every part of the tree serves a purpose, from building materials and firewood to nourishing food sources.

Traditionally, Berber women roast argan kernels, crush them into a paste, and patiently separate the oil from water. The leftover residue, known as 'amlou', a rich chocolate-coloured paste, is cherished as a dip for bread and a staple in their diet.

Annually, women gather to discuss and prioritise Fair Trade fund allocations. These initiatives have enriched their community through various projects:

  • Schooling
  • Nurseries
  • Literacy classes for women
  • Wells and water supply
  • Weaving centres
  • Road creation and repair
  • Water connection projects , benefitting over 90 families across 9 villages.

This holistic approach ensures that every purchase of our Argan Oil supports sustainable practices and community development.