Shea Butter

    Our range of hand made, 100% pure shea butter is all-natural, intensely hydrating and wonderfully rich

    Organic Shea Butter 200g


    Handmade and 100% pure, our nutritious premium grade of whipped creamy organic unrefined Shea butter is superbly moisturising and healing for the skin. Nutritious and replenishing, our premium grade of...

    Shea Butter Light 200g


    Handmade blend with 85% pure Shea and 15% raw Virgin Coconut oil to create a supreme soft consistency to protect and restore skin health. A combination of pure Shea butter...

    Shea Butter Cocoa 200g


    Handmade blend with 65% pure Shea and 35% Cocoa butter to create a luxurious soft butter blend providing the best of both. The decadent properties of organic cocoa butter along...

    Shea Handy 40g


    Luxurious multipurpose skin food butter – perfect for on-the-go moisturisation. This nourishing and softening creamy butter blend of 95% shea butter & 5% virgin coconut oil is the perfect multi-tasking...


    What are the major ingredients in ayurvedic organic shea butter?

    True, honest and pure organic shea butter will contain just that, Shea Butter – and simply nothing else.

    How is shea butter made?

    Shea Butter is made using a oil kernel that has been extracted from the shea tree seed. At Fushi, we source our Organic Shea from Ghana, India – where we support the Women's Co-Operative Scheme to extract, ground and formulate our Shea Butter.

    what is shea butter used for?

    Shea Butter is used in multiple ways with multiple modalities. When applied topically on the skin, Shea butter is naturally healing to support skin healing from acne, burns, dryness and other conditions.

    How to use shea butter?

    Shea Butter is best used like a body lotion. When applied topically to lightly dampened skin, shea butter absorbs into the skin layers to nourish and hydrate.

    How to use shea butter on the skin?

    You can directly apply shea butter to your skin like you would a natural body moisturiser. Using your fingers to scoop a generous amount of the Shea butter and warm in your hands to a soft consistency. When warm apply to the skin and rub in circular motions until completely absorbed.

    How to store shea butter?

    Real, natural and organic shea butter will harden when put into cold conditions. For this reason, shea butter should be kept and stored at room temperature to maintain its buttery soft consistency.

    Can I put shea butter on my face?

    Yes Shea Butter is suitable to be used on the face and is especially beneficial as a deep moisturising cosmetic product. The high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins make shea butter an anti-inflammatory and healing product to soothe skin. It is advised that Shea butter is used in small amounts to begin with to allow the skin to adapt.

    What are the health benefits of shea butter?

    Whilst Shea Butter shouldn’t be consumed internally, there are a host of benefits of shea butter that are naturally supportive and nourishing to the skin. As the skin is our largest organ, we absorb everything that goes onto it. The key benefits of Shea include; moisturising for the skin, reducing and preventing acne and blemishes, relief to itchy and inflamed skin, reduction in the appearance of stretch marks.

    Can shea butter remove dark spots?

    Shea butter is high in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants which make it a ‘skin superfood’. The nourishing properties are able to tackle dryness, blemishes and stretch marks whilst the antioxidant content of the Shea supports in the rebuilding of a healthy skin barrier, thus supporting the fading of dark spots and blemishes.

    Can shea butter remove pimples?

    Shea Butter is high in antibacterial compounds which, as a result can reduce the inflammatory and severity of acne lesions and breakouts. In some, shea butter can promote a smoother and a calmer complexion whereas for some, the high fatty acid concentration of the oil may clog pores to breakout.

    How can you tell if shea butter is organic?

    True, natural and organic shea utter will be cream/light yellow in colour with a natural nutty aroma to it. It should also be firm and hard when exposed to cooler environments and soft when at room temperature/heat. ‘Fake’ shea butter will be a more ‘cream’ like consistency as is often white in colour rather than cream or yellow.

    What is the shelf life of shea butter?

    Real unrefined Shea butter that has properly been processed will have an average shelf life of 24 months.

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