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Vitamin C

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  • Benefits:Wholefood high strength vitamin C combined with superfood berry powder of Amla and Acerola for better absorption and assimilation by the bod
  • Key Ingredients:Vitamin C, Amla and Acerola berries
  • Supply:60 capsules, 30-day supply | 500mg per capsule.
  • Wholefood

  • Vegan-friendly

  • Plastic-free

pure. wholefood. plant-based. freshly hand-made with love & intention in our london workshop.

benefits of vitamin c

  • Vitamin C is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and protecting cells from oxidative stress.

  • Antioxidant-rich, it protects skin against free radicals for a youthful-looking skin.

  • Vitamin C is essential to the formation of collagen, the foundation that bone mineralisation is built on. Studies have associated increased vitamin C levels with greater bone density.

magnesium benefits

  • Reduce of tiredness and fatigue

  • Boost energy

  • Supports a healthy nervous system

  • Better muscle funtion

  • Helps normal psychological function

  • Healthy teeth and bones


To optimise the body’s absorption of our vitamins and minerals, we blend them with
wholefood powders. Our carefully selected superfoods are fresh and nutriet-dense,
offering a natural way to enchance the bioavaility of essential these nutrients Feel the fushi difference for yourself.

key ingredients


167mg per capsule


167mg per capsule


25mg per capsule

Amla ( Indian Gooseberry), Acerola, Citrus Bioflavonoids


Amla extract, Acerola extract, Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (capsule shell), Citrus Bioflavonoids (Citrus aurantium L.).

Fillers, Binders, Wheat, Lactose, Preservatives, Artificial Colours Or Flavours, Yeas

proud to be independently certified

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2 capsules daily with water and food.


Aim to incorporate vitamin C rich whole foods into your diet alongside taking the supplement.

Rosehip oil - for boosting a radiant glow
Amla juice - packed with antioxidants to promote healthy skin.


• Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.
• Use only as directed. Do not exceed stated daily dose.
• Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • May not be suitable for

    Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

    frequently asked questions

    Taking vitamin C every day is generally safe and can be beneficial for many people. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, including supporting the immune system, promoting collagen synthesis for healthy skin, assisting in iron absorption, and acting as an antioxidant to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Since the human body cannot produce or store vitamin C, it is necessary to obtain it regularly through dietary sources or supplements. Most people can meet their daily vitamin C needs through a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables such as oranges, strawberries, broccoli, and bell peppers. Supplementing with vitamin C may be beneficial for individuals who have difficulty meeting their daily requirements through diet alone or have certain health conditions that could benefit from additional vitamin C intake. However, it's essential to be mindful of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and not exceed the upper limit, as excessive amounts can lead to digestive issues like diarrhea. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for vitamin C varies based on age, gender, and life stage, but for most adults, it ranges from 65 to 90 milligrams per day. As with any supplement, it's best to consult with a healthcare professional before starting vitamin C supplementation, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions or are taking medications to avoid potential interactions or adverse effects.
    Yes, vitamin C is essential for collagen production in the body. Collagen is a protein that provides structure and strength to various tissues, including the skin, bones, tendons, and cartilage. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the synthesis of collagen by supporting the enzymatic reactions that help form collagen molecules. The body uses vitamin C to convert proline and lysine, two amino acids, into procollagen. Procollagen is a precursor to collagen, and it undergoes additional modifications to form mature collagen fibers. These collagen fibers contribute to the structural integrity of tissues, help wounds heal, maintain skin elasticity, and support healthy joints. Deficiency in vitamin C can lead to impaired collagen synthesis, which can result in weakened connective tissues, slower wound healing, and skin issues like poor elasticity and delayed wound closure. Including vitamin C-rich foods in the diet, such as citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, bell peppers, broccoli, and kale, can help support collagen production and maintain healthy skin, bones, and connective tissues. Additionally, topical vitamin C products are also available and can provide benefits for the skin by promoting collagen synthesis and offering antioxidant protection against free radicals.
    Vitamin C in food sources is often found alongside other nutrients, antioxidants, and bioactive compounds that work synergistically. These co-factors can enhance the absorption and utilization of vitamin C in the body.The vitamin C found in whole foods is typically bound to natural compounds, which may improve its bioavailability compared to synthetic forms. Natural vitamin C is more likely to be recognized and utilized by the body efficiently.
    Yes, vitamin C is exceptionally beneficial for the skin. As a powerful antioxidant, it helps protect the skin from free radicals and environmental damage, reducing signs of premature aging. Vitamin C also stimulates collagen production, promoting skin elasticity and firmness, leading to a smoother and more youthful complexion. Its skin-brightening properties help fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and even out skin tone, resulting in a radiant and glowing appearance. Additionally, vitamin C's anti-inflammatory properties soothe redness and irritation, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Whether applied topically or consumed through a vitamin C-rich diet, this essential nutrient is a valuable addition to any skincare routine, helping to maintain healthy, radiant, and youthful-looking skin.
    Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential nutrient that offers numerous health benefits. As a powerful antioxidant, it helps protect the body's cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals, reducing the risk of chronic diseases and supporting overall well-being. Vitamin C is vital for a robust immune system, aiding in the production and function of white blood cells that defend the body against infections. Additionally, vitamin C plays a key role in collagen synthesis, promoting healthy skin, bones, cartilage, and blood vessels. It enhances the absorption of plant-based iron, supports cardiovascular health, and may contribute to eye health by reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. With its diverse range of benefits, vitamin C is an essential nutrient that supports various bodily functions and contributes to maintaining optimal health.
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