Our most-loved products, including Organic Castor Oil and our Really Good Hair Oil, are consciously crafted in our London workshop using organically sourced oils and herbs from this season’s harvest.

    Organic Castor Oil 250ml


    KEY INGREDIENTS: 100% pure, organic, food-grade hexane-free, Fresh-Pressed® Castor Oil.TARGETS: Skin, hair, scalp, brow & lashes. BENEFITS OF ORGANIC CASTOR OIL FOR DRY SKINDue to its triglyceride content, using Fushi...

    Organic Aloe Vera Juice 500ml


    BENEFITS: Hydrates & supports digestive system.KEY INGREDIENTS: Pure & organic Freshly-Squeezed Aloe Vera.SUPPLY: Contains 10 x 50ml (3 tablespoons) servings. benefits of organic aloe vera juicePUREFushi Organic Aloe Vera Juice...

    Really Good Vitamin E Oil 50ml


    BENEFITS: Deeply regenerating, nourishing and repairing.KEY INGREDIENTS: High 30000iµ strength, 100% pure, plant-derived, Vitamin E Oil with a blend of plant-based Vitamin-E-rich, Fresh-Pressed® Oils - Jojoba, Wheatgerm, Raspberry.TARGETS: Fine lines...

    Organic Ashwagandha


    KEY INGREDIENTS: 100% pure & organic Fresh-Ground® AshwagandhaSUPPLY: 60 capsules, 30 day supply | 320mg per capsule benefits of organic ashwagandha ADAPTOGEN HERBMay help lift energy, mood, and promote a...

    Wild Carrot Oil 100ml


    BENEFITS: Protects & brings a natural glow to the skin.KEY INGREDIENTS: 100% pure & Fresh-Pressed® Wild Carrot Oil.TARGETS: Sun damage, dull & uneven skin. benefits of wild carrot oilINFUSED IN...

    Organic Chaste Tree (Agnus Castus)


    BENEFITS: Supports the natural female cycle.KEY INGREDIENTS: 100% pure & organic Fresh-Ground® Agnus Castus (Chaste Tree).SUPPLY: 60 capsules, 30-day supply | 320mg per capsule. benefits of agnus castusMONTHLY MOOD &...

    Really Good Hair Oil 100ml


    BENEFITS: Deeply conditions, visibly repairs & strengthens dry, damaged, or thinning hair.KEY INGREDIENTS: Replenishing Ayurvedic Fresh-Ground® Brahmi & Neem in a nutrient-rich base of five nourishing, Fresh-Pressed® oils - Argan,...

    Really Good Muscle & Joints Oil 100ml


    BENEFITS: Soothes & supports tired, sore joints and muscles, as well as boosts circulation.KEY INGREDIENTS: Ayurvedic Mahanarayan blend - a potent herbal oil blend with a warming combination of 23...

    Turmeric Juice 500ml


    BENEFITS: Boosts & defends immune system.KEY INGREDIENTS: Freshly-Squeezed Turmeric Root.SUPPLY: 16 servings | 60g of Turmeric Root per serving. benefits of turmeric juice100% RAW & PUREFushi Turmeric Juice is made...

    Organic Rosehip Oil 100ml


    BENEFITS: REPLACEMENT BOTTLE - Your favourite oil will come in a temporary replacement bottle for the next 3 months. - Anti-ageing, antioxidant-support, moisturising & anti-inflammatory.KEY INGREDIENTS: 100% pure & organic...

    Organic Ghee 230g


    BENEFITS: Improves digestion & gut health, heart heath, boosts immune system & healthy cooking alternative. KEY INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Clarified Butter.GHEE BENEFITSA COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH SUPPORTAccording to tradition it not only benefits the...

    Organic Jojoba Oil 100ml


    BENEFITS: Nourishes & moisturises hair, skin, scalp & nails.KEY INGREDIENTS: 100% pure & organic Fresh-Pressed® Jojoba Oil.TARGETS: Dry skin & hair. benefits of organic jojoba oilHYDRATING & SOFTENINGNourishes & moisturises...



    Organic Triphala


    BENEFITS: Triphala is a powerful herbal blend traditionally used in Ayurveda to cleanse and promote regularity.KEY INGREDIENTS: 100% pure & organic Fresh-Ground® 3-fruit blend (Triphala).SUPPLY: 60 capsules, 30 day supply |...

    Really Good Cellulite Oil 100ml


    BENEFITS: Encourages smoother-looking skin.KEY INGREDIENTS: 100% pure blend of stimulating Fresh-Pressed® Oils - Green Coffee Bean, Hazelnut & Wheatgerm Oils & Fresh-Ground® energising Gotu Kola Herb.TARGETS: Thighs, hips & bottom,...

    Organic Shea Butter 200g


    BENEFITS: Moisturises, soothes, nourishes & heals the skinKEY INGREDIENTS: 100% pure and organic shea butterSUPPLY: All skin types benefits of organic shea butterNutritious and replenishing, our premium grade of luxurious,...

    Organic Argan Oil 100ml


    BENEFITS:Nourishes all hair and skin types.KEY INGREDIENTS:100% pure & organic Fresh-Pressed® Argan Oil.TARGETS:Dry, mature skin. | Dry & frizzy hair. benefits of organic argan oilFOR SKINNaturally rich in Vitamin E,...

    Adaptogen Energy Blend


    BENEFITS: Energy-boosting & relaxing.KEY INGREDIENTS: Potent adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, Fresh-Ground® KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Superfoods, Maca & Vitamin B12.SUPPLY: 60 capsules, 30-day supply. benefits of adaptogen energy blendENERGY-BOOSTING | KSM-66 ASHWAGANDHA EXTRACTHigh-strength...

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    Really Good Hair Oil Try Me Sachet (10ml) | Ayurveda | Fushi

    Really Good Hair Oil Sachet 10ml

    Rosehip Oil (Try me Sachet) | Ayurveda | Fushi

    Organic Rosehip Oil Sachet 3ml

    Argan Oil (Try me Sachet) | Ayurveda | Fushi

    Organic Argan Oil Sachet 3ml

    Really Good Muscle & Joints Oil Try Me Sachet (10ml) | Ayurveda | Fushi

    Really Good Muscle & Joints Oil Sachet 10ml


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