in the heart of our journey lies the stories of those who cultivate the ingredients we cherish.

At Fushi, we forge partnerships with growers who share our commitment to sustainability, integrity, and excellence. Each of these suppliers has a tale to tell — of dedication to the land, to their communities, and to the exceptional quality that defines Fushi products.

stories from our growers: castor oil

At Fushi, our Organic Castor Oil comes from Gujerat, India, where we proudly partner with local suppliers in initiatives that transcend mere production.

Here’s how we’re making a positive impact in three key areas:

Education Initiatives 

We champion rural education programs that cover vital topics such as agriculture, environmental protection, cleanliness, plastic reduction, and tobacco cessation. Our goal is to empower future generations with access to higher education opportunities, nurturing responsible leaders of tomorrow.

Enhancing Agricultural Sustainability

We support organic farmers by providing them with free animal manure sourced from charitable shelters. This initiative not only enriches soil fertility but also aids farmers, especially during droughts when rain-dependent farming is challenging. It's a win-win situation, promoting sustainable farming practices while ensuring the welfare of sheltered animals.

Solar Power Initiatives

To reduce our environmental footprint, we've installed a 50 KW rooftop solar PV plant at our production site. This initiative aligns with government policies on net metering and significantly decreases our reliance on conventionally generated electricity. Additionally, we’ve funded 1 KW rooftop solar PV plants for our employees’ residences, helping them save on electricity bills and promoting the adoption of solar energy.

Choosing our Organic Castor Oil means embracing a product that not only meets rigorous quality standards but also supports community-driven initiatives and environmental stewardship.

Experience the transformative benefits of our Organic Castor Oil and join us in creating a sustainable future together.