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  • Benefits:Deeply conditions, visibly repairs & strengthens dry, damaged, or thinning hair.
  • Key Ingredients:Replenishing Ayurvedic herbs of Fresh-Ground® Brahmi & Neem in a nutrient-rich base of five nourishing, Fresh-Pressed® oils - Argan, Avocado, Coconut, Sweet Almond & Sesame Oils.
  • Targets:For all hair types especially Dry, Damaged, Thinning & Coloured Hair.
  • Fresh-Pressed® oil

  • Unfragranced

  • Plastic-free

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  • COMPLIMENTARY Biovedic Face Oil 30ml WORTH £20 WITH ORDER OVER £55

organic. pure. natural. freshly hand-blended with love & intention in our london workshop.

benefits of hair oil

  • Believed to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth, by nourishing the scalp and improving blood circulation.

  • Abundant in oleic acid & monosaturated fats, which makes it one of the few oils able to penetrate the hair shaft and moisturise each strand.

  • Reviving Ayurvedic herb believed to stimulate hair follicle growth and counter hair thinning.

  • Rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids & Vitamin E to increase hair’s elasticity, to prevent against hair breakage and split ends.

jojoba oil benefits

  • Nourishes & moisturises hair, skin, scalp & nails.

  • Rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants & fatty acids.

  • Helps to gently balance sebum levels in skin.


In Ayurveda, Prana represents life-force energy and we infuse that philosophy into our products by only using organic oils from this season’s harvest. By using only the freshest ingredients, they maintain their highest prana and life-energy.

Feel the fushi difference for yourself.

our fresh-pressed® process



Our first step is to ethically source the purest, biodynamically grown ingredients, ensuring they possess maximum potency



To ensure we use the freshest ingredients, we only select from this season’s harvest guaranteeing that nothing is older than three months.



To preserve the precious nutrients, we freshly cold-press the seeds, nuts, and kernels to produce 100% pure and unrefined oil.



Our pure oils are freshly hand-blended and bottled in our London workshop without using any additives or preservatives.

To protect our Fresh-Pressed® oils from any light damage, our oils lovingly packaged in a earth-friendly dark glass bottle with aluminum lids.

key ingredients


Hair Elasticity.


Hair nourishment.


Hair Growth Support.

proud to be independently certified

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hot to use really good hair oil

how to apply


1- OVERNIGHT- Massage oil into your scalp and leave overnight, Wash off the next morning, use as generously as you need. 2- 30-MINUTE DEEP TREATMENT - Massage oil into your scalp and wrap head with a steaming towel for half an hour. Wash the oil out of your hair. For extra deep-conditioning treatment, leave for up to 2 hours. The longer in your hair, the more conditioning the treatment.


Ayurvedic rituals - The ancient Ayurvedic ritual of hair oiling is as much about scalp and hair health as it is about self-care. In Sanskrit, the phrase ‘to love’ and ‘to oil’ are one and the same – Sneha. Show your hair, and yourself some love with Fushi Really Good Hair Oil.


Really Good Vitamin E - deeply replenishes, repairs & nourishes skin.
Vegan Collagen Builder - assists in the build of skin collagen.

    frequently asked questions

    Ideally, this is best used as a hair treatment oil, or as a hair mask. The oil should be massaged gently into the scalp and through the lengths of the hair for at least 10-15 minutes to stimulate the blood circulation to the scalp and allowing time for the nutrient dense oil to deliver moisture and key actives to the scalp. Leaving overnight offers the best results, but if short on time, you can leave for 2 hours and wash off with an organic or natural shampoo that doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils.
    Yes, Really Good Hair Oil can be used on coloured hair, ideally not straight after colouring but after 24 hours. It has only 100% pure organic ingredients and will not strip the hair off the colour.
    Brahmi is a traditional Ayurvedic Herb that when used on a regular bases, provides strength and nourishment to the scalp – reducing dryness and itchiness. Similarly, Brahmi is rich in alkaloids which work to strengthen hair proteins making strands appear thicker and nourished whilst preventing split ends.
    This 5-oil blend has all the important oils that help strengthen and nourish existing hair, while the Brahmi infusion helps restore hair health and condition. The oil is always recommended to be applied as a scalp massage. In addition to being an important relaxing technique, scalp massage promotes hair development by increasing oxygen flow to the hair follicles, restoring hair health, strength, lustre, and feeding the scalp. All these components work together to promote growth and, eventually, thickness.
    It is considered safe, as it is a topical oil for hair use. It contains essential oil of Jasmine and all allergens are listed on the label, so if you are sensitive to essential oils and avoiding them during pregnancy you can ensure you do not use this directly on the skin and only on the hair.
    This hair oil is formulated as a treatment oil so does make the hair quite oily. If you wanted to leave it in, only a few drops are recommended to be run through the ends of the hair or the dry frizzy areas to smooth away flyaway hair and leave a shine.
    This is an organic certified oil, and the only allergens present in this oil are those that are naturally occurring in essential oils. In this case Jasmine essential oil has been used and Benzyl Benzoate, Linalool, Eugenol, Benzyl Alcohol, Geraniol are naturally occurring chemicals in essential oils such as Jasmine. The % of these present in the 100 ml oil are 0.0143%.
    All the Really Good Hair oil’s ingredients are certified Cosmos organic by the Soil Association.
    This depends on the length and thickness of your hair; you may use as much as you need to make sure the scalp is massaged, and the hair has enough coverage all over.
    Ideally 2-3 times a week if your hair is very dry, damaged and brittle and for ongoing maintenance once to twice a week is enough.
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    Très bonne huile capillaire 10ml