Fushi Fresh-Ground® Supplements

What are Fushi Fresh-Ground® wholefood herbs? How long can I take Fushi herbal supplement for? Are Fushi herbal supplements safe for a child to take? What is the best time to take herbal supplements? Can I remove the contents from the capsules for easier swallowing? Can I take herbal supplements during pregnancy? Can I take Fushi herbs when on other medication? Where are Fushi herbs sourced from? What are the capsules made of?

Fushi Fresh-Pressed® oils

What are Fushi Fresh-Pressed® oils? What is the shelf life of Fushi oils? Are there any preservatives in Fushi face, body, hair and nutritional oils? Why are oils so anti-ageing for the skin? How to use oils? What are non-comedogenic and comedogenic oils? How do I take care of my oils? Do oils contain nuts? Can you use oils during pregnancy? Can oils work for oily skin?


Is Fushi packaging recyclable? What material is used to pack the orders?


Are you products vegan? Are your products organic? I’ve experienced an adverse reaction, what should I do? Why are products out of stock?


What you need to know


What you need to know


What is Ayurveda? Why is understanding your Dosha important? How are herbs traditionally used in Ayurveda?