"Witness the wonder tree of India known as the Neem Tree and learn of its magical healing powers"
The Neem Tree by Ancient Indian tradition has been labelled the ‘Friend and Protector of the Indian Villager’ for centuries because of its abundance of healing qualities. The evergreen tree has been used for many years in Ayurvedic methods to heal a variety of illnesses, infections and disorders from viruses to bacterial infectivity. The magic tree can grow to be twenty feet in just a few years and is known to be powerfully tolerant against heat, drought and extreme weather conditions. Neem is well-known as the versatile natural product (taken from the tree in many different forms) which in particular benefits the skin but is also believed to reduce the risks of contracting more serious illnesses.

Modern research has confirmed Neem’s anti-septic and powerful medicinal qualities meaning it is now commonly used today in modern natural remedies and products. Medical studies have revealed that the Neem tree holds alkaloids and liminoids which both stimulate its healing and therapeutic powers. The whole of the wonder tree has been used in Ayuryedic remedies because it contains more than 100 bio-active ingredients and an abundance of proteins but the bark and the leaves are particularly popular when treating inflammations, infections, skin and teeth disorders.
The bark of the Neem tree has astringent properties; the Ancient Indians actually used the bark to not only clean their teeth but also to treat tiredness and fevers. It also has strong anti-septic qualities which mean it is especially beneficial when treating wounds. The Neem’s bitter leaves are probably the most worshipped part of the healing tree as they have magical effects on skin due to anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. With these influences the leaves can aid extreme skin problems such as acne and eczema. Their superpowers go beyond this with their anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities which add to their long list of benefits; in India today they even sprinkle Neem leaves on their beds to help those suffering from fever or flu.
Traditionally, the whole of the Neem plant has been smashed into a fine powder and used to keep one healthy but nowadays the bark, leaf and seeds of the Neem plant are altered into products such as the Neem Supplement or Neem Oil for regularly everyday use. Our bodies are consistently dealing with bacteria in our bodies, some good but some which causes trouble and by using Neem both internally and/or externally you can manage these bacteria and maintain an overall healthier well-being.

Neem Supplement has a profusion of beneficial qualities, one being that it can help you to lose weight. Taking Neem internally works on your metabolism by breaking down body fat. Simultaneously, it lowers your blood sugar levels and this improves your blood circulation with the dilation of blood vessels. As the Neem Supplement works a variety of wonders on the body it is also known to both aid and prevent cancer. The Neem modulates the immune cells surrounding any cancerous cells which restrict growth of these cancerous cells or any further formation.
Fundamentally, because Neem positions itself in the lining of the digestive track (the epithelium) when taken orally this is where it functions to balance bacteria and all of these healing factors are apparent because Neem eliminates toxins and generally balances the body. Taking Neem internally also supports healthy skin, although we think of skin as surrounding our bodies, we have lots more skin inside the body which needs taking care of and Neem is a powerful supporter to keeping inner skin healthy especially in the liver, intestines, pancreas, heart and arteries.

Main benefits of Neem Supplement:

Detoxifies body
Purifies Blood
Balance Acidity
Supports healthy skin
Heals skin blemishes
Balances bacteria

Another popular product of Neem is the Neem Oil. This is extracted from the Neem Tree by the crushing of seeds. The oil is extremely effective natural remedy for head lice and dandruff as it purifies the area it is treated to as it acts as an anti-microbial agent. Neem contains nimbidol and gedunin which work to initiate anti-fungal activity which kills the fungi of ringworm, athlete’s foot, nail fungals and other fungi infections. What’s more is the oil can also be used as a mosquito repellent; it creates a particular smell which deters mosquitoes from your skin.
However, probably the greatest use for Organic Neem Oil is its effect on skin problems. It contains high amounts of Vitamin C and because it has a bitter element it calms redness and irritation which in turn helps to reduce dullness and ageing, boosting a youthful glow. The oil can treat acne, skin pigmentation, dry skin, black heads and any kind of skin irritation giving it its other titles ‘Queen of the Skin’ or ‘Acne Oil’. Again, Neem’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties come into play as the oil calms inflammation and irritation whilst simultaneously working as a natural moisturiser and toner.

Main benefits of Neem Supplement:-

Supports glowing skin
Acne treatment
Skin conditioner 
Lightens skin pigmentation
Treats Pimples
Prevents blackheads

Ayurvedic myth celebrates the healing nature of the Neem plant, the story is that it was given the gift of nectar known as Amrita from the cup of immortality. This myth certainly continues to be paralleled by its modern uses as its bitter, soothing, and powerful properties whether you use it internally or externally work wonders on supporting your overall health and body beauty!