in the heart of our journey lies the stories of those who cultivate the ingredients we cherish.

At Fushi, we forge partnerships with growers who share our commitment to sustainability, integrity, and excellence. Each of these suppliers has a tale to tell — of dedication to the land, to their communities, and to the exceptional quality that defines Fushi products.

stories from our growers: shea butter

Our Pure Shea Butter is the result of a meaningful collaboration with the Mansa Group, an all-women’s production group in Tamale, Northern Ghana.

For over a decade, we've closely partnered with this remarkable group, using traditional methods to craft small batches of pure shea butter with care and dedication.

This collaboration has not only increased demand for shea butter but also positively impacted the lives of the Mansa Group members. Their collective has grown from 30 to nearly 160 women, providing them with vital income and empowering financial independence for women and their families.

The Mansa Group focuses on empowering widows and single mothers in Northern Ghana, with over 200 women involved in the shea butter supply chain from nut picking to processing. As a Social Enterprise, MANSA implements Fair Trade policies , ensuring environmental, labour, and development standards are upheld.

They prioritize fair compensation, paying above-market prices for nuts during the harvest season. Our production practices align with Fair Trade principles and are part of the Government-protected Shea Production Scheme for sustainability . Additionally, we are under the National Board of Small Scale Industries, supporting small businesses.

Alongside Fushi, the group has now established 100% plastic-free production, which we are incredibly proud of.