The best Rosehip Oil - how to choose a good quality Rosehip Oil

The best Rosehip Oil - how to choose a good quality Rosehip Oil
The best formulation is completely natural and unrefined, with its own unique scent, which can be verification of its pure nature. Rosehip is a cherished and effective oil for so many and we are going to explore all of the qualities of the best Rosehip oil! Find out what are the most important factors for choosing the best Rosehip oil!
What are Rosehips?
Rosehips are the fruit of the rose plant and usually form in late summer and autumn, after the rose plant has been pollinated. Once the rose bud falls off, many people forget about the roses, although the fruit of the plant follows. The colour of a rosehip is usually red, although sometimes they can be orange or purple. Our Rosehip oil is so unrefined and natural that the colour and scent can vary between the batches. The oil being in its most natural state is so important to us, and we only source the best possible quality Rosehips for the oil.
Rosehip oil is the one of the most nutritionally packed fruits of any plant, which is why this oil has become such a sought after product around the globe. Traditionally, Rosehips have been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years, by cultures such as the early populations of the Americas, and also parts of Europe.
Rosehip oil has gained momentum in recent years after many people have learnt about the incredible qualities of the oil. There are many benefits to this oil, and the most well known is the anti-aging properties the oils possesses. Rosehip is a versatile oil which is deeply moisturising and can be used to completely rejuvenate the skin. 

Where is our Rosehip Oil sourced from?
At Fushi, we believe in sourcing the best possible ingredients for our oils, which means we have to find the best regions in the world where Rosehips grow naturally. Our Rosehips are exclusively grown for us by a small-scale farm in a mountainous region in Ukraine. An ecologically clean place, with fresh air and clean soil, the Rosehips here grow biodynamically, Our oil is always pressed fresh from harvest to preserve its potency and quality. The results are a pure amber unrefined oil with an abundance of vitamin A and E.
What is the method of pressing the best Rosehip oil?
It is important that the rosehip berries are picked and then cold-pressed. Cold pressing is extremely important of any oil as it retains the nutrients and keeps the oil in its best condition. By using a cold-press extraction process, the oil is then separated from the hips and seeds. Each fresh seed is then cold-pressed to produce a fresh, light and dry oil. This method should happen in small amounts, to ensure the quality of the oil. It is also important the oil is fresh pressed from the season's harvest, to ensure a potent and effective oil. 
How can I tell if a Rosehip Oil is high quality?
Are you looking for the best Rosehip Oil to buy? To recognise a good quality Rosehip oil, the colour and consistency of the oil are the two factors which matter the most. There are many Rosehip oils which claim to be unrefined and 100% natural, although today this is becoming increasingly rare to find. The majority of the Rosehip oils on the market today originate from Chile. This is where most places will source Rosehip as it is widely available. We decided to do some research on where would be the best place to source Rosehip for its quality, and we found out the best place for Rosehip to grow is in the mountains, as they need cooler climates. In the mountainous regions of Ukraine, the Rosehips grow naturally and are not cultivated. The berries are handpicked, and then they are cold pressed by mechanical pressing in small amounts which assures the best quality. The best Rosehip oil, like ours, is organic and bio-dynamically grown. We were lucky enough to be able to source Rosehip from a small family business, that fresh press this Rosehip and understand how the oil should be in its most natural form. Premium Rosehip oil will have an amber hue, like the image shown below. Here is how to choose the best Rosehip oil.
What should the Rosehip oil look like?
The rosehip seeds should be cold, fresh pressed from harvest which preserves the oils quality and potency. The best rosehip oil is a pure amber colour with a large abundance of Vitamin A and E. The colour of a Rosehip is usually red, though sometimes they can be orange or purple.
The texture should be smooth, but thick, and never of a thin consistency. The scent of the Rosehip is so distinctive, therefore is very hard to replicate. Our Rosehip has a unique scent which may vary between batches as it is so unrefined and natural. It is always important to remember that cold pressing an oil is the best way to ensure quality, maximum potency, and the highest vitamin and mineral content.
What is the nutritional value of the best Rosehip oil?
In the cold weather our skin can become dry and dehydrated. Rosehip oil is an amazing way to bring back some moisture into the skin as it has the ability to sink into the skin, without leaving a greasy finish. To boost the hydration of the skin, you can try adding a drop or two to your daily moisturiser which will act to brighten and revive your skin this winter.
The best Rosehip oil is high in Vitamins E, A and C. They are so important and beneficial for the skin. These vitamins can help to reduce the aging and pigmentation of the skin, as well as aiding in skin regeneration, and helping to even out the skin tone. Pure Rosehip is rich is Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), especially omega 3 and 6. As your body does not produce EFA's, it is vital you get these from your diet or other means. This oil is unique mainly due to the composition of Oleic, Palmitic, Linoleic and Gamma Linolenic acid (GLA). Rosehip is a powerful antioxidant which is really beneficial for the body as a whole.
Why is it important for our Rosehip Oil to be certified organic?
Whenever we get the opportunity to source organic products, we feel it makes a big difference as we can have entirely chemical free products which also makes a great difference to the efficacy of the oils. Our skin is so important, it is the largest organ of our body and is so absorptive to chemicals in the environment, and even those in products that we use. This is why we love to use organic products and give these to our customer. Our organic Rosehip is completely unrefined and can help maintain a glowing, healthy complexion.
What are the benefits of using the best Rosehip Oil?
The Best Rosehip oil will maximise the benefits of this oil in your skin. Rosehip has a number of uses which the oil is known and used for. Rosehip is a great anti-aging oil. The oil is used for stretch marks, scars, blemishes, as well as certain skin conditions. Rosehip is a special oil in the way that it can give your skin a healthy looking glow. Not only does it help minimise skin marks and lines, but it brightens up the skin. The Essential fatty acids can work wonders for the skin, and can work to soothe inflammation and act as an antioxidant.
Rosehip oil is an amazing way to bring back some moisture into the skin as it has the ability to sink into the skin, without leaving a greasy finish. To boost the hydration of the skin, you can try adding a drop or two to your daily moisturiser which will act to brighten and revive your skin this winter.
Written by Mary-Claire Akinyemi,
Health & Beauty Writer