Written by
Sophie Kalinauckas, Health & Beauty Writter


Ayurveda is an Ancient Indian tradition of health care. It promotes a holistic approach to health and hair care. It really does care about hair. In its system, looking after your hair strands stands as one of its vital focuses. Ayurveda bases its philosophy on the idea that external application and precaution are not enough to sustain full health. There are many factors which need to be considered when thinking about how to wear your hair which rely on your hairs: strength, vitality, shine, condition, growth and colour. Ayurveda is not about quick fixes but it is for long term improvement: for life. It declares that there are two major, negative influences on our bodies and hair which we all suffer: bad dietary habits and irregular lifestyle patterns. The Ayurveda viewpoint maintains that your hair reflects your physical state and your body’s harmony. So guys look in the mirror, don’t know what to do? Well, the golden rule to happy hair, based on Ayurveda principles, is to medicate your hair with oil for the perfect nourishment.

Nourishing over this thought? Many of us think that a quick conditioning treatment and an expensive labelled product will fix our hair issues but the truth is they can often make things worse. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are the main strain on poor quality hair. With this is mind, it makes sense that a natural solution, is the solution! The most talked about oils available are Argan oil and Coconut Oil. However, there are many natural oils to choose from including Sesame, Olive Oil, Camellia oil and Jojoba oil. An Ayurvedic hair oil will be infused with herbs ranging from Brahmi, Bhringaraj, Japa and Amalaki and many others.

But first hear us out. The combination of different herbs in oils is proven to enhance your hair quality in many ways including hair growth, thickness, shine and condition. You won’t be pulling your hair out, as incorporating oil use into your daily hair routine will benefit you in more ways than one.


Don’t argue- Argan works!

Argan oil aka liquid gold is an organic mixture, extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree, found in Morocco. Argan oil is bursting with natural goodness, your very own goody bag of Vitamin E and fatty acids mixed to make the perfect, natural concoction. It hydrates and moisturizes your hair, giving off a golden glow. With its natural quality and no added chemicals it is rarely known to be an irritant and you don’t get that irritating greasy look which many greasy rips-off products cause.
Argan oil works as a hair conditioner so condition your hair routine by adding oil to soften and stimulate shine. It also treats split ends and helps recover fizz. When weather gets humid are hair does not find it humorous. And we mustn’t forget our scalp. Although we think with our heads all day long, it is our own heads which we get forget about. The greatest secret of Argan oil is that it stimulates blood to the scalp. This in turn helps with hair loss and regrowth.


Chic = sleek

Argan oil tames frizzy hair and has a shiny effect. In these summer months, hair can get damaged easily from the heat. In fact, heat is the biggest cause of dry and disastrous hair. Not to mention our daily hair straighteners or curling tongs adding to our hair misery even if you are strict with your heat protector products. Oil acts as a repairer and styles your hair at the same time. It keeps your hair manageable on a daily basis, resulting in a healthy, happy head of hair. What ain’t bad either, is that Argan oil is anti-aging! Whilst simultaneously moisturising, it keeps your hair youthful with its anti-oxidant effect. It repairs the elasticity of hair follicles, leaving them soft to touch.


Count your blessings with coconuts

Coconut oil really is a blessing for hair! What is wonderful is that it works on all different types of hair. Coconut oil is a simple product which stands apart from expensive, chemically exposed shop products. Originating from tropical countries, coconut oil was the first plant oil to be used by humans. It comes from coconut trees, extracted from the most mature fruits. It works on hair growth, fights dandruff, moisturizes, softens, boosts shine, repairs split ends, contributes to hair length and reduces hair loss. Hair is like a hollow tube, and coconut oil penetrates this space inside. Hair is often damaged in the form of swelling or shrinking of fibres. This is known as hygral fatigue. Fundamentally, a lovely smattering of coconut oil smeared on your head, stops your hair from being tired and stops you from being tired of your hair.


Pro = Protein

Feeling thick over your thin hair? Hair issues effects many of us, without us sometimes even realising. Both men and women of all ages, suffer from hair loss, this can be hereditary or often be caused by pollution, stress, poor diet or just bad luck. If we look at scientific fact, hair is totally made of protein, so a lack of protein can mean weak and horrid hair. Coconut oil specifically works to prevent protein from pouring out of your hair. Combining coconut oil with incorporating protein into your diet such as a mackerel and eggs will be a big pro for your hair, rejuvenating it and boasting regrowth. Including the omega oils or Essential Fatty acids will help boost healthier hair too. Nuts, seeds, hemp and flax seed oil as well as oily organic fish are all good ways of including these fatty acids into your diet.


Oh? Olive Oil?


Olive oil is another not so known, old fashioned method. Truth is, it has actually been used for centuries and not just for cooking! No use steaming over hair worry, you don’t need to be ripping your hair out (literally!). Olive oil in your hair prevents a hormone production known as DTH which is the main source of hair loss problems. With Olive oil antioxidants hit you on the head, promoting scalp health whilst also acting as a preventative, fighting off fungi and bacteria. Dandruff is the number 1 red sign that your head is not happy. All of the oils I have mentioned can work to relieve dandruff and also fight off head lice and other nasty bacteria.


A Happy Head

The vital fact, worth remembering, as I mentioned, is that all hair oils improve your blood circulation. Massaging oil into your scalp will improve its blood supply. This further stimulates hair follicles to grow thicker and stronger. Adding other ingredients to your oil product such as rosemary, cayenne pepper or almond oil can also work more wonders. So before you wander off-


Apply your applicant-

There are several ways to apply oil but to give you a few, hairy ideas you might want to try:-
By warming the oil of choice and then using a cotton wool ball to dip and apply to your parted hair. The oil needs to seep into the scalp, so use a comb to create parting and dab the oil soaked cotton wool into each parting so you are evenly distributing the oil on to your scalp. Often it is recommended to let it soak in overnight.
Another method is to pour, very carefully, small drops of oil straight from the bottle onto your head whilst you are over a sink. Massage this in for at least 10 minutes and leave for 30 minutes before shampooing out.

Another technique is to use a pipette to apply the oil directly onto your hair and then comb through with either your fingers or a comb to make sure oil reaches every piece of hair.

It important to remember that many oils such as Argan oil do not need very much applied to your hair, add small amounts and you can’t go wrong.

It can often be a useful tip to massage oil into your head for 5 minutes, delicately, to reach all areas. It is particularly useful to apply oil after blow-drying or towel drying your hair. In this case, just drop a few drops of oil in your hands and use your fingers as a comb. Comb it through the ends of your hair. This works almost like a leave in conditioner and keeps your ends soft and hydrated. Bear in mind a few drops is all you need.

And lastly apply at night, massage into your scalp and then sleep, and shampoo it out in the morning. For the best results in any method, apply oil before washing!


Look into magical locks-

Living life with nicer hair can also be promoted by good quality sleep, stress relief, diet awareness, a high protein diet and shampooing regularly. Often we underestimate brushing, which we should regularly conduct, as well as cleansing and cleaning your hair and scalp, as often as possible. This especially, avoids clogging of hair and itchiness. Enriching your diet with almonds and Greek yoghurt can also help.

Oil has also been proved to work as an anti-ageing skin repairing which helps with dry skin conditions and acne. It encourages healing and repairs damaged skin cells. It doesn’t stop there; it also plumps up your lips and can help stretch marks to fade too. Oil is an exotic secret which is being shared, an all-purpose product, naturally product which keeps you looking and feeling pretty, all life long!