Truth be told there is no such thing as the best oil for hair growth and thickness. Everyone is different - diet, gender, climate, and a range of genetic factors, all affect our hair's appearance, feel, natural oiliness, thickness, and growth. And it is not just our biology that plays a part, but social factors too. Stress can have a huge effect on your hair, as can weather, pollution and too many chemical hair products.

Hair can become thin, lifeless, limp, and frizzy and with so many variables it  really does make selecting the best oil for hair growth and thickness quite confusing. The issue is compounded because literally every health and beauty website offers celebrity endorsed 'one type fits all' miracle oils promising the best oil for hair growth and thickness. We want to help you wade through all of the hype and find the best natural oil for hair growth and thickness that suits you and your hair. In order to do this we will explore how different oils work on different hair types. We will also cover the causes of hair loss and thinning hair as well.

Is your hair asking for help? Causes of Hair loss

Everyone knows that age affects hair loss, but hair loss can strike at any age. It affects both men and women, and while more common forms of baldness affect men, hair loss can be really devastating for women too. Fortunately,  help is at hand. As with many conditions, early intervention is recommended (though not essential) in stopping or reversing hair loss. It is really important to spot the signs of hair loss early. Common signs of hair loss are excess hair on your brush or comb, hair on your bedsheets and pillow, and hair in the drain of your bath and shower. With men, a receding hairline can be spotted by looking at the hairline where the scalp meets the forehead, as it disappears more scalp will become visible on either side of the head. For women hair recedes from the centre, and typically you will notice partings getting wider and wider.

Over enthusiastic styling can cause hair loss. This is really common, as the hair just gets worn out, especially from too much bleaching and dying. Some styles can be problematic for hair loss too, such as tight weaves and braids when worn for a long time. Poor health and disease is frequently a reason for hair loss too. Some of the principle hair loss conditions are listed below. If you suspect one of the these conditions it goes without saying that treating it is far more important than using the best oil for hair thickness and growth. Once you have received treatment however, applying oil for hair thickness and growth will speed your hair's recovery.

Hypothyroidism - an underactive thyroid gland, leading to hormonal imbalance, and subsequent hair loss. An imbalance and also be caused by hyperthyroidism, known as an over an over-active thyroid gland. There is also a condition called Hashimoto disease that affects the thyroid, and the hormones it produces. Similar activity problems can occur in the pituitary gland too, with similar hair loss effects

Alopecia - an autoimmune disorder that causes patchy hair loss

Hormonal imbalance - anything that profoundly affects hormonal balance can lead to hair loss, female contraception, childbirth & Polycystic Ovary Syndrome being good examples

Stress - while stress in general, anxiety and PTSD, can affect hair loss, there is a condition known as Acute Stress Disorder, which leads to hair loss a few weeks after trauma

Vitamin b12 and iron deficiency - a form of malnutrition, that can lead to thinning hair and hair loss

Too much vitamin A - can also lead to hair loss 

Lichen Planus - causes rash, lesions, and hair loss

Lupus - an autoimmune disease that affects many of the bodies systems, hair loss is a common symptom

Hodgkin's Lymphoma - this is a very serious blood cancer and hair loss is a major symptom

Systemic Sclerosis - a serious autoimmune condition which results in the body attacking itself

Celiac disease - can lead to hair thinning and loss, it is caused by an allergy or intolerance to gluten which is found in many food stuffs

Addison's Disease affects the adrenal cortex. As with many conditions the pathology is complex, it leads to imbalances between cortisol and aldosterone, the net result can be hair loss

Leishmaniasis - sand flies spread an infection called Leishmaniasis, and one of the symptoms include hair loss

Graft Host Disease - complications after a bone marrow transplant, known as Graft Host Disease, can lead to hair loss

While hair loss is often a completely normal part of maturing, always discuss any concerns with your GP.


Best oil for hair growth and thickness

Here is the definitive list your hair was waiting for. Find out here which is the best oil for hair growth and thickness that your hair needs.

Coconut Oil for hair thickness and growth


Without doubt coconut oil is the go-to oil for hair. Its molecular structure is perfect for hair, with stacks of medium chain triglycerides, such as the famous lauric acid, able to really penetrate the hair and moisturize. Coconut oil for hair is rich in fatty acids, giving hair a much needed boost, and the moisturizing effects combined with a gentle antibacterial action give it anti-dandruff effects too. It is also a great source of Vitamin E. Coconut oil all round is simply the best oil for hair thickness and growth.

How to use coconut oil

Coconut oil is powerful, so you don't want to leave it in your hair too long. Simply rub it into your hair and scalp and leave it for 30 mins, before giving it a good rinse with your regular shampoo. A treatment once a week will be ample, as it is potent. Using too often or leaving in too long risks the hair getting oily or greasy.

Argan Oil for hair thickness and growth


Argan oil grows in the searing heat of Morocco. It is harvested from the fruit and nuts of Argan trees. Growing in such a hot climate it is not surprising that it offers a real boost for dry hair, and protects the sun from UV damage. Argan oil is very potent, and can be used sparingly to get fabulous results on dry hair, and sensitive skins. It is full of anti-oxidants and vitamin E, which restores, replenishes, and moisturizes.

How to use Argan Oil

A few drops of Argan Oil go a long way. Rub a few drops straight in the hair and skin and let the magic happen. For hair, apply it when the hair is dry. For a longer treatment, you can leave it overnight and wash it later.


Castor Oil for hair growth and thickness


Castor oil is best known for its old school medical uses as a digestant, and in greater quantities as a laxative. Don't be tricked though, the antioxidants in castor oil are great for the hair, and skin, with circulation boosting properties, and the high ricinoleic acid content of castor oil comes in the form of triglycerides, making it ideal for boosting hair growth. In fact, castor oil is recommended for those looking to boost hair growth specifically.

How to use Castor Oil for hair growth and thickness

Castor oil is very thick, and applied alone lacks the viscosity to really do too much. A great idea is too add it to a carrier oil, coconut oil is perfect, in this way you dan double down and get the benefits of both oils at once. We recommend adding castor oil to coconut oil, then using it the same way you would coconut oil. Alternatively try another carrier oil, like almond oil, and leave in overnight, giving a good rinse with your normal shampoo in the morning.  

Avocado Oil for hair thickness and growth


Avocado Oil has many benefits, it is rammed with good stuff like Vitamin C, A, B6, Magnesium, as well as Lecithin and Potassium. It boosts circulation in the scalp It is ideal for using on dry and damaged hair, to help restore and mend. The fatty acids give it anti-oxidising effects. It can be used by itself or as a carrier oil for other treatments.

How to use Avocado Oil for hair growth and thickness

There are two methods to use avocado oil for thickening the hair or bolstering hair growth. simply rub a teaspoon directly into the scalp, or if using Avocado Oil as a carrier oil, add a few drop and leave overnight, rinsing with your normal shampoo in the morning.  

Marula Oil for hair thickness and growth


Here is another oil that it can be your choice while looking for the best oil for hair growth and thickness. In its native Kenya Marula Oil is known as a miracle oil. It is fabulous stuff, readily absorbed by the skin on the scalp, and chock full of antioxidants. It boasts more antioxidants per ml than other oils with similar properties, such as Argan oil. Unlike Argan oil, however, it can be applied in quantities.

How to use Marula Oil for hair growth and thickness

Marula Oil is dead easy to use, which is part of its beauty. It can be massaged straight into the scalp, and left overnight to work its miracles, before shampooing.  

Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil is a tremendous moisturiser. It is technically not an oil at all but an ester. Leaving complex bio-chemistry to one side, this means your skin loves it, and will absorb it readily. With loads of vitamins, and important micro traces of zinc, silicon, and copper, jojoba oil is an ideal moisturiser for all hair types, and is a great conditioner.

How to use Jojoba Oil for hair growth and thickness

The best way to get the benefits of jojoba oil are to use it as a conditioner after a regular hair wash. It can be left in the hair for several hours, or rinsed immediately. Use regularly.  

Black Seed Oil


Black seed oil is actually derived from black cumin seeds. It is one of nature's anti-bacterials, and also boasts anti-oxidizing properties. It is ideal for use in a natural shampoo, or used topically to treat a scalp with skin complaints.

How to use Black Seed Oil for hair growth and thickness

    Ideal for dry and inflamed scalp- use black seed oil topically applied to the required area, and use daily as as cure or as a preventative measure.  

    Really Good Hair Oil 


    Fushi Really Good Hair Oil has been formulated to stimulate hair growth and thickness by using a nutritive blend of five nourishing oils including our Fresh-Pressed® Argan, Avocado, Coconut and infused with Brahmi and Neem to create a nourishing treatment oil to repair dry, thinning hair and leaving it silkier and soft. Brahmi is rich in antioxidants and nurturing for the hair while anti-bacterial Neem will help keep the scalp fresh and dandruff away. Blended with the vitamin E rich Avocado oil and Sweet Almond oil to restore moisture and fragranced with exquisite Indian Jasmine.  

    How to use Fushi Really Good Hair Oil for hair growth and thickness

    Overnight Treatment - generously massage the oil into your scalp and through the hair, wrap in a towel and leave overnight to soak in and nourish. Wash off the next morning and style as usual. When time is sparse, you can  massage the oil into your scalp and wrap the head with a steaming towel and leave to penetrate for half an hour before washing and styling as usual. 

    How to choose the best oil for hair growth and thickness?

    When choosing a supplier it is important to choose oils that are cold pressed and organic.Cold pressed oils are of far greater purity and quality than those derived from industrial heat extraction. Organic oils will not pass on trace quantities of herbicides and pesticides either, and tend to be more sustainable for the planet longer term. While being cruelty free and sustainable often gets overlooked in the beauty industry, you are likely to be kinder the planet and find better products if you look for sustainable and organic suppliers. As they tend to produce quality, rather than rely on a ˜stack it high sell it cheap down-market business model.  

    In summary:

    • Coconut oil for normal hair and all hair types
    • Really Good Hair Oil - all hair types- with anti-dandruff properties too.
    • Argan oil - ideal for frizzy or unwieldy hair, and hair regularly exposed to the sun.
    • Castor Oil - for hair growth
    • Avocado Oil - for sensitive dry or damaged hair- eg after too much styling
    • Marula oil - for dry hair and holiday hair after too much sunshine.
    • Jojoba Oil - the conditioner for all hair types
    • Black seed oil - for dry scalp and dandruff

    Always make sure your oil is applied correctly following the instructions above or advice from a qualified stylist. Check more information about how to apply hair oil

    Oil is important, but so is your shampoo and conditioner. Don't forget them!

    Given hair oil restores balance and vitality to hair you might want to also consider what else you are putting on it. Natural or oil rich shampoos and conditioners can be a great alternative to some of the chemical heavy products in the supermarkets, as artificial chemicals can cause damage to the health of the hair. Choosing a herbal shampoo and conditioner with plant oils will mean that you're staying away from certain toxic chemicals that have been proven to be damaging to health and hair. You will be deeply nourishing your hair with powerful antioxidants found in these herbal shampoos and conditioners. 

    The Fushi Stimulator Shampoo and Stimulator Conditioner are perfect for thinning and limp hair. They are replenishing Ayurvedic herb rich, and made with our Fresh-Pressed® oils to volumise hair.

    The plant based formulas have been made using botanicals and pure oils, formulated by triple infusing revitalising Bhringraj herb, widely known in Ayurveda for improving hair condition and shine. It comes packed with stimulating herbs of Bay Leaf and Rosemary as well Baobab oil, to provide moisturising qualities for the hair. Blended with balancing Sandalwood, to add moisture to the hair and fragranced with the wonderful all-natural citrusy and bergamot essential oils. 


    Not only the best oil for hair growth and thickness, also your skin will win.

    Remember that antioxidants and vitamins are great for your skin too, so oils that are good for the hair are often great for the skin too. Jojoba, coconut, avocado, argan,and marula oil can all be applied to the skin, to give you a great youthful glow when used regularly. When you buy an oil for your hair, it's good to know that it has multiple uses. Here are some of the properties of these oils for your skin:  

    Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is a natural anti-aging moisturiser, full of essential fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  

    Argan Oil

    Argan oil boosts circulation and cell activity. It's the beauty secret of the Berber women, who produce it from the kernels of the Argan tree. It encourages skin renewal, and as a result you can be sure of beautiful, smooth skin after nourishing it with vitamin A and vitamin E. This also protects against wrinkles and fine lines, and strengthens the skins natural defence.

    Castor Oil

    Castor oil can be used as a moisturiser. The essential fatty acids are great for restoring hydration in the skin as it penetrates easily. Some people have even used this on their eye lashes to nourish and hydrate as castor oil encourages hair growth.    

    Avocado Oil

    Striving for smooth, elastic skin? Avocado could be your answer, as its deeply hydrating and moisturising, and is especially great for dry skin, or healing chapped skin. Sensitive skin would also benefit from avocado oil, as it calms itchy skin too. Avocado offers protection from ultraviolet radiation, although you should always use it in conjunction with sun protection cream, never in place.

    Marula Oil

    Marula oil is referred to as a miracle oil in Southern Africa and Madagascar. Generations of African women have used this as a moisturiser as it has the power to regenerate skin cells with its high concentration of antioxidants like vitamin C and E, and fatty acids. It is ideal to use to protect the skin from aging, for fine lines and crows feet. Marula oil is absorbed easily and is great for the face and neck area as a night oil. Marula oil fights the signs of aging by fighting free radicals.  

    Jojoba Oil

    Golden Jojoba oil is touted as the go-to oil because it is suitable for all skin types. It's hypoallergenic which means it's easily absorbed and makes a great moisturiser for the skin. It can be used as a gentle make-up remover, and even for shaving without causing redness or razor burn. If used on the skin every day, it has an anti-age effect in keeping the skin supple. It has a rich content of vitamin E and antioxidants which is great for revitalising both the skin and hair. It's a good all-rounder, really!

    Black Seed Oil

    Black Seed oil is anti-inflammatory, which is ideal for skin conditions like acne and eczema. It's also an ideal choice for clogged pores and oily skin, but is deeply moisturising at the same time. When taken internally, it can manage allergies, digestion problems, and give a nice boost to the immune system. The appearance of dark spots can be faded with the Vitamin A and amino acids nourishing the skin. Magnesium, zinc, potassium and calcium are all minerals that add to the nourishing impact on the skin.