How does Tamanu oil benefit your skin.

Sensitive about your skin? What an earth do you do? Well, the answer is: you can clear it up naturally and effectively with a traditional, healing herb known as Tamanu oil. Tamanu oil is an ancient topic oil which is best known to clear up and repair your skin. It is a natural substance which treats common skin irritations such as sensitivity, acne, spots, dryness, scars and many other skin related problems. It simultaneously fights inflammation whilst destroying bacteria and has long been used in history as a traditional African and Asian medicine. 

There's nothing nuts about it.

Tamanu oil is extracted from the nut kernels of the Tamanu Tree. It is an indigenous, evergreen tree which is from the Mangosteen Family. It is found in tropical countries such as the Melansian Islands of Vanuatu but it also grows in parts of Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. The Tamanu tree can grow in a variety of places but more of the trees tend to grow in salty and sandy soil and so are situated near the sea. In fact, tradition tells us that the native Melanesian people believed that the closer the trees were to the sea the more powerful the healing properties could be. The trunk of the tree is dark and it is displayed with glossy leaves and beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers. These flowers give way to clusters of fruits which taste similar to apples. It is within these fruits the nuts are found, the home of the healing oil. The Tamanu nut is known as the Punnai, the oil which is extracted from the Punnai is a rich, dark green solution which has a particular identifiable nutty odour. After the extraction, the oil is then cold-pressed, filtered and stored away before it is ready to be used. 

Healing power

Tamanu oil heals uniquely; it boosts the formation of new skin tissue and this is scientifically known as cicartrization. Scientists maintain that the oil is a significant repairing agent and has been used in a number of different experiments to prove its healing qualities. Because it formulates the growth of brand new skin, Tamanu oil works wonders on mending wounds. The healing process is accelerated and the growth of healthier skin is promoted. Its health properties don’t end there; the oil also contains deltra-tocotrienol which is a form of vitamin E and calophyllodie which is an anti-flammatory substance. In fact, Tamanu oil is everything anti, it is: anti ageing, anti-neuralgic and anti-biotic. It is also a natural UV protector and can also be used as a hair conditioning treatment. 

Relief for redness

Tamanu oil relives your skin against redness, sunburn, insect bites and many other forms of inflammation. It has a regenerating effect on skin which means it works naturally to heal wounds, burns and other kinds of cuts. 

Tamanu tackles

Tamanu oil battles what we worry may be permanent marks. It tackles and reduces scarring. Tests have shown that with scars one or a few years old Tamanu oil can potentially eradicate. It can also be used on those frustrating stretch marks and annoying celluite we all despair over. Tamanu may significantly decrease the appearance and concentration of both and leaves your skin soft, glossy and glowing.

Hits the spot

Tamanu oil is an anti septic, this means that it fights infections and so is perfect for spot treatment. For acne sufferers it really is a god-send as its anti viral properties heal and restore irritated areas. When we pick our spots (we are all guilty of it) they can turn into scabs and sometimes get infected, this is where Tamanu oil really works its wonder; it repairs epidermal cells of particularly damaged and dry skin by moisturising and nourishing skin. 


An extra, excellent effect is that Tamanu oil reduces wrinkles. This is definitely something to smile about, without you having to worry about leaving lines. In fact, its anti-aging qualities are what make Tamanu so popular. We cannot stop our skin getting older but we can restrict skin from being aggravated and aging more quickly than it should. The sun is perhaps the greatest culprit but make up, alcohol, diet, wind and other elements all have negative effects on the health of our skin. Tamanu stands apart from other products because it does not contain any chemicals or artificial preservatives. It has a natural, unique ability to boost healthier skin and protect it further. 

All for one

Tamanu oil works for all. It benefits men, women and children. It works as a daily skin protector as well as a reliever for painful skin disorders such as skin rashes, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, athletes foots, herpes sores and foot/body odor. Acne is perhaps one of the most widespread skin disorders and it is difficult to know the cause of acne but Tamanu oil treats all varieties of the irritation gently and non-invasively.

How to apply?

You should apply Tamanu oil directly onto affected skin areas. It can be used up to four times and day and then reduced once healing starts to take place. Make sure to massage the oil in for two to three minutes and let your skin absorb it, until no oily residue is left over. Make sure you have removed all make up and you are fresh faced for your natural facial. The best way to use Tamanu oil is to use it as a nightly scrub. This means you have the night to let it slowly absorbed into your skin and the let the oil make magic happen for morning.

With its easing, relieving and boosting qualities Tamanu oil is a natural, beauty must-have for a long list of irritations.

Written by
Sophie Kalinauckas , Health & Beauty writer