How to upcycle Fushi glass bottles

Sustainability is always at the heart of everything we do at Fushi, which is why we opt for recyclable glass bottles for our herbal supplements and seal them with a recyclable aluminum cap.

Glass is both recyclable and eco-friendy, but why stop at recycling your empty supplement jars with your household items, when you can upcycle your empty jars yourself and give them a new lease of life? Our eco-friendly, easy-peel vegetable ink labels are easily removed to reveal the amber glass bottles - perfect to store fresh ingredients and products in and avoid oxidation and rancidity. Let’s explore some of the ways you can reuse your glass bottles…

Let’s get organised

Glass bottles make great desk and dresser organisers! From storing paper clips, rubber bands and pens on your desk or hair pins, needles and cotton pads on your dresser.

Grow your own

Why not be adventurous and grow your own herbs and spices in your jars? Their deep base makes them the perfect window box addition whilst looking delicate enough to compliment your window.

Storage ideas

A simple storage solution – peel away your vegetable ink label and wash with washing soap and water before refilling with your favourite herbs, spices and dried ingredients. A simple store cupboard hack making it easy to grab your favourite culinary spices or breakfast bowl topping!

Food to go

Glass containers are a great option for taking to the office. They are far more durable whilst avoiding potential chemical compounds leaching into our foods from plastic containers. Glass is easy to clean and doesn’t hold any unwanted smells - this makes it the perfect option to store nuts and seeds, overnight oats or even your salad dressing.


Small glass bottles can look beautiful as interior decoration. From battery powered LED lights, tea lights or mini flowerpot holders you can create beautiful home interior designs to refresh and brighten any room or space.


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