Skullcap and Valerian have become quite well known herbs for their efficacy, especially with sleep problems and for the relaxation of the mind whilst promoting a restful nights sleep.

Skullcap is a native North American herb and grows especially within the southern states of the USA. Skullcap quiets nervous tension, eases muscle tension and spasms. Skullcap also induces sleep without strongly sedating or stupefying, and it may help to lower elevated blood pressure. Skullcap is also used in the treatment of a wide range of nervous conditions including insomnia, hysteria and anxiety. A lot of clinical studies are still being carried out on this herb, but within complementary medicine it has been used for many years, especially for sleep and relaxation.

Valerian is also a renowned herb used for easing sleep problems. It is one of the best gentle and harmless herbal sleeping remedies; it enhances the natural body process of slipping into sleep and making the stresses of the day recede. It is a herb known to help provide relief of insomnia, stress related anxiety and nervous restlessness. Valerian is also particularly recommended for people who do not need as much sleep as they once did; it also eases lying awake in bed, ensuring that it becomes a restful and relaxing experience.

Passion Flower is another herb known to produce mild sedative and anti-anxiety effects. It is a on-addictive herb to promote relaxation, and helps to settle edgy nerves. Passion flower grows from the same vine that produces the Passion fruit. You can also make a hot tea from Passion Flowers, buy it in capsule form, or purchase Passion Flower Extract in concentrated form for dosages.