Does Vitamin E Work for scars? 

Vitamin E Oil is one of the most powerful oils when looking reduce oxidative damage and stress to the skin - especially improving skin integrity and texture such as scars. 

  • Vitamin E Oil helps to lift and smooth rough skin by lubricating cell membranes and encouraging skin renewal.
  • Vitamin E oil is a great antioxidant; it helps to reduce environmental harm to your hair. It can also promote movement to the scalp.
  • Internally and externally, Vitamin E works to block free radicals from the body, which play a big part in the aging process.
  • This oil can help decrease inflammation in the skin and can develop moisture and elasticity.

Vitamin E oil for scars

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, our biggest source of protection. Giving us the sense of touch, to balance homeostasis within the body, and the incredible way that it can actually keep resorting itself. The skins ability to regenerate means it is so important to provide it with the right vitamins and minerals it needs.

Vitamin E is an integral antioxidant for the skin which can help in regenerating the hydration, smoothness and surface. This oil can really aid in protecting any free radical damage to the skin. Just think of Vitamin E as a further way to protect and repair the skin! This oil can work wonders for scars and healing the skin. This is a double concentrate oil which is ideal for intensive skin healing! 

Vitamin E oil is very beneficial for your skin and in the healing of scars. It is due to the incredible hydrating and moisturising qualities that this nourishing oil can help in tissue repair of the skin. This means your skin will be kept in great condition.

Vitamin E oil for scars an "Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant oil"

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which means it can prevent oxidation and any damaging effects to the skin. This oil can provide protection due to this ability and also its anti-inflammatory properties. This will help your skin hold on to moisture by making the skin's barrier firmer. This oil will seep into the barrier which aids in lessening trans-epidermal water loss which can act to slow down the aging process.

Boost Collagen production for scars

Vitamin E can aid in boosting connective tissue, Collagen, which can provide and maintain the skins elasticity. Collagen is crucial to having soft skin, and is responsive for a protein which can work to slow down the aging process, such as wrinkles, keeping the skin more youthful looking. Collagen makes your skin stronger and with more elasticity; and using Vitamin E will give the collagen in your skin a major boost!

Vitamin E oil and its intense healing for scars

Vitamin E is an oil which can provide intense healing for the skin if applied frequently. This oil is great for a number of skin issues, like stretch marks, blemishes and scars. Vitamin E oil can provide very deep moisturisation for the skin and is ideal for massaging into the face. The great thing about Vitamin E oil is that it is non-greasy, so it will absorb into the skin very quickly. You can also add this oil to your own moisturiser or serum to take the full effect of its incredible qualities. 

Why is it important that Vitamin E oil is 100% Natural?

The best quality Vitamin E oil is pure, organic and plant derived. To help scars and marks on the skin, the oil must be sourced from natural sources and made without using any synthetic ingredients.

The best quality Vitamin E oil should be composed of organic ingredients which are derived from non-genetically modified olive oil and soya beans. It is important to be able to distinguish between the synthetic and natural forms, and choose one which is devoid of any ingredients.

Synthetic Vitamin E and why it will not work for your skin 

Synthetic sources can commonly be used as they have a longer shelf life and are much cheaper. They are very widely used, but are less effective - having little to no benefit for your skin goals. Additionally, synthetic Vitamin E can actually react with sunlight and the chemicals which are in other skincare products, and this can lead to unsafe compounds for your skin.

How to use Vitamin E oil for dark spot and blemishes...

Including Vitamin E oil into your skin care routine is a simple addition that can have significant impact on the skin: 

  1. Firstly, you should cleanse the skin and make sure you have a clean, smooth surface to work with.
  2. Slightly dampen the skin. This is best for deep moisturisation of the skin.
  3. Apply a few drops of Vitamin E oil on the damp skin.
  4. Massage the face and neck until the Vitamin E oil is absorbed. If you are applying on a scar, gently massage over the affected area.
  5. Continue to massage until the oil is absorbed. This oil is non-greasy so will absorb into the skin quickly.

You can also add Vitamin E oil to moisturisers, serum and make up to take effect of its lovely qualities.

How to apply Vitamin E oil to a scar...

  1. Clean the scar or area very carefully - Vitamin E oil is not anti-bacterial so you need to ensure the area is clean.
  2. Apply the Vitamin E oil directly to the scar, and smooth across carefully.
  3. Massage the scar slowly in circular motions, for 15-30 seconds. You can do this twice per day or more depending on your scars size.

It is important to be aware of the following tips for scars:

  • Do not apply the oil on an un-healed or open scar/ wound.
  • Do not expose new scars to the sun (this can slow the healing process).
  • After the wound heals, apply sunscreen when you go outside. This may reduce discolouration and help the scar fade quicker.
  • Massage the scar but only once the scar is completely healed. Massaging helps to break down the dense bands of collagen that attach the underlying tissue.
  • Aim for massaging 2 times a day in a circular motion for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Avoid pressure on the scar, and allow them to heal naturally

Does Vitamin E Oil work for scars?

There are opinions for and against this topic. Vitamin E oil has been used for a large range reasons for skin uses, since the detection that Vitamin E is a lipid soluble antioxidant in the skin. There have been studies that have been argued for and against.

study in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery.  A prospective study in children: Pre and post- surgery use of Vitamin E in surgical incisions. This was a controlled study aimed at determining effects of topical Vitamin E application on cosmetic results in children.

In group one, Vitamin E was applied topically on the scar at least 15 days before the surgery (3 times a day) and at least 30 days after (2 times a day). The second group received a topical petroleum based ointment.

The results found that no patients in group one developed scars, and 96% of patients (or parents) found the outcome cosmetic results very positive. In group 2 only 78% of patients considered the cosmetic results positive, and 13 patients developed scars after 6 months.

Overall this study looks at the possible benefits that the incredible Vitamin E oil can have on marks and scars on the skin. This research demonstrates that Vitamin E oil can provide positive results for scars, and that this oil can really make a difference to your scar.

However, there are some studies which do have a divided opinion, and the results have varied. We are all different and have unique skin types, so this oil is of course going affect or disaffect people in different ways.

What type of scars is Vitamin E Oil good for?

    • Acne scars

    Acne occurs when the hair follicle gets plugged with oil, if your body produces it in excess. Once this occurs, the skin can become inflamed and red, and the bacteria can enter causing the spots. This excess sebum production can be down to hormonal in balances, gut imbalances and more.

    Vitamin E oil has been known to be beneficial for acne scars. This oil can benefit scars by regulating skin proteins, neutralizing free radicals, encourage tissue repair, and lighten dark spots.

    • Burn scars

    Only mild burns can be treated at home with Vitamin E oil. Serious or large burns need to be treated and seen by a medical professional.

    For treating a burn with Vitamin E oil at home, you must wait until the skin is healed before applying the oil. You can apply two to three times a day (depending on the size and severity of the burn).

    Vitamin E can help burn scars, as it is an oil which can help to regenerate the skin which can prevent scarring. This promotes healing of the skin, and collagen production. This oil also supports the healing of the damaged skin cells, and can combat any redness and inflammation of the skin.

    Are there any other oils effective for scars?

    • Rosehip oil is known for its incredibly high beta-carotene content, as well as being rich in Essential fatty acids, and its anti-inflammatory properties. This oil is ideal for dry and cracked skin, Eczema, Stretch marks, dull complexion, scars and sun burns.
    • Black Cumin seed oil is a wonderful oil which can help to improve the condition of the skin. Other than having so many internal health benefits, when used externally, it is believed to be able to benefit skin conditions such as acne and various forms of eczema
    • Almond oil has numerous benefits to the skin. Whilst locking in hydration it may help to reduce the appearance of scars. Almond oil contains vitamin E.

    The use of Vitamin E oil on scars is a heavily debated subject with conflicting ideas with regards to it's benefits. 

    All skin is different and unique and it is important to remember not all scars are the same. There are of course certain skin types which do scar worse than others.

    As always, linking to the science of Vitamin E shows it's antioxidant rich properties that aid in skin re-generation whilst combating free radicals. Vitamin E oil is a natural skin remedy which is not going to work in the same way for everyone, as all skin responds in different ways. However, this oil has been known to aid in tissue repair, skin regeneration and a lovely addition to your skin care routine!